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Restocking the Brown Bess
Notice! Whidbey Island Rendezvous! August 19-21, 2016. One Mile South of Deception Pass, on Ducken Road. Shootin', Hawk & Knife, Archery, Primitive & Modern Camping, & Fun for the Whole Family! Be There! 
Grey Haven Arms
  • Maker of fine muzzle loading arms,
    knives, and accoutrements.
  • Assistive technology for shooters.
  • Custom half-models of boats.
  • Marine surveying.
  • Photography.

Our mission:

  • To provide a superior product, based on aesthetics, functionality, and originality combined with tradition, using quality materials, crafted with utmost concern for the safety and satisfaction of our customer.

Grey Haven Arms has moved!
I have crossed the country and arrived at Whidbey Island, Washington, the birthplace of Grey Haven Arms.
New address and phone, same old email.

PO Box 105
Greenbank, WA 98253

With this move, skilled artists are adding their talents to Grey Haven. Our shop is expanding to encompass their abilities. The new shop is now starting to work! Please email, call or write me about your dream! 
     Since arriving on the West Coast, we've been busy setting up shop, but have taken time out for some fun, as well. Team Grey Haven did a bang-up job at the Whidbey Island Rendezvous in August, no thanks to me. JP did excellent, taking 1sts in rifle and archery, 2nds in pistol and hawk & knife, and the Aggregate! Ethan took 2nd in archery, Dalienne took 1st in women's archery, Susan won 1st in women's hawk & knife, and Jeff took 3rd in pistol. I got the award for traveling the farthest to get there! We also won the best camp award, so all in all, it was a good affair, with excellent weather and camaraderie.
     We went to Skagit for a rendezvous just a couple weeks ago. Weather was great, much music was played, a lot of stories told, and a whole lot of 'round the camp relaxin'. Felt so good, we didn't even compete! I think we needed the rest.
     We've had a couple shoots dedicated to the Cockade Rifles and the N-SSA, and have formed "Cockade West," so we can shoot whenever the rest of the team does.
     We also had a memorial for Cockade Rifleman, Goddam Charlie, on September 18th, at the same time he was interred in Arlington National Cemetery, with full military honors. We gave him a 21 gun salute. God bless you, Goddam Charlie! You can see his pics down the page.
     Work has commenced in the shop, with an original Brown Bess to restock, two kits to build & make fancy, and a special half-stock for Dalienne. We have room for more!

Cockade West; JP, Dalienne, Ethan, & me. We let JP wear the yankee hat-he's from Baltimore!

   Muzzle loading tip: Pipe cleaners are great for keeping the spark channel on a percussion gun clean and dry. I use the long craft-type (buy 'em at craft stores,) and cut them into 2-3" lengths. Bend a little crook on the end, and they will go around corners. I never have to cap before shooting if I run one through the channel before loading, and I don't suffer any misfires. They also do a nice job of wiping a flintlock vent.



JP's "Don't Tread on Me Powder Horn: It's a Masterpiece! Check it out on the "Accoutrements" page.

New Stuff:

A new page, "Restocking the Brown Bess"

An original Model 1793 India Pattern Bess, with original barrel and lock, with some of the original hardware, but no stock. A real learning experience! Bess is done! So is the page, so check her out, and she's a shooter!

Grey Haven now has a blog spot; get in on the discussion about the Second Amendment and gun violence.


Check out my new powder horn on the "Knives & Accoutrements" is fantastic! Thank you, JP! Here's a teaser....

        The Underhammer Trigger Spur:  Now an option on any Billinghurst-style   underhammer, pistol, rifle, or pocket rifle. Helps me get a good grip! Shown here on  #4, my 10" .50 cal. This one is a little long; I'm going to shorten it about 1/4".

  • Salvadore is done! See him on the "Guns" page.      

  •  Now Up: A new web page devoted to single shot cartridge guns. Some interesting and novel firearms will be highlighted, and I'm hoping to share more. Got an interesting gun? Email me a pic and a story, &  I'll post it on the page.

  • The Pocket Rifle, what a Sweetie! Above right and on the "Guns" page.


  • Dan's Underhammer Hunting Rifle. A really good shooter! "Guns" page.

  • Chad's pistol is done, and is on the "Guns" page. It's another first; a Grey Haven pistol with a stained grip.

  •  Dan's pair, a bookmatched pair of 10" .36 cal. pistols in a really nice box with accoutrements. See them on the "Guns" page. The muzzles, below.


  • Target Model Underhammer pistol, with adjustable sight and trigger. First one for George G. in Germany. George has agreed to be my representative in Europe. If you live in Europe, contact George on his very fine web site, www.artax-vorderlader, and he can help you. Below, the Target Model. George sent me his first target, and it was a vertical line of overlapping holes, made as he adjusted his sight to elevation. I wish I still had it (went away in an electronic mishap, so to speak,) because it was pretty spectacular shooting!

Below: close-up of adjustable trigger and sight


Now Building:

      A 1793 Pattern Brown Bess, from original parts; restocking, for Bruce A.

Done! See the page dedicated to the build, and an article in "Muzzle Blasts" magazine. The article is being published in the May, June and July, 2016 issues.

     Two kits; a half-stock and a long rifle, with fancy work, for Brian. Done!

     A half stock percussion rifle for Dalienne, a collaboration with my son, Ethan and Dalienne to create a very special .36 cal. Done! Scylla is alive and breathing fire! See her on the "Guns'' page.

Below, Tommy's Silk Purse! See more of her on the "Guns" page.

 Check it out below:    

Photos from Friendship; a visit to the Fall NMLRA Nationals. Right side of the page.


     A visit to the Cockade Rifles and the North-South Skirmish Association. A look at the competitions and the fun had by all! Left side of page. Check out the results of the Central Virginia Regional Match we just shot, at the bottom of the Cockade pics, on the right. Some pretty good shootin'!



The Shuetzen Rifle, Underhammer Style

     This one took some time, & is proving to be a real tack driver. See more of her on "Guns" page.


German Gov't Proof Tests Underhammer!

     I have made three pistols for customers over in Germany so far. The German Government requires proof testing, which the pistols passed just fine, with a charge equivalent to 90 gr. of powder under two balls.  See the pistols on the "Guns" page.

A Peace Pipe for a Sweet Lady

      A new chanunpa for Shannon's birthday on the "Accoutrements" page.

Damascus Knives

     Fine folded steel blades, fitted with antler or hardwood handles and brass hilts. See below in the "For Sale" section & on the "Knives" page.

1866 Spanish Pistol, Mainspring Repair

      See "Guns" page. 


Building a Fowler: A Photo Story

     A photo essay, which follows the process from beginning to end. Just click on the "Building a Fowler" tab on the navigation bar. 


"Only the Earth and Sky"

A short story by Bob Worthington, about the past and future, the Pipe, and a prayer.  Find it on the "Knives and Accoutrements" page, right side at the bottom.


A visit to the Cockade Rifles and the North-South Skirmish

Association at Ft. Shenandoah, Winchester, VA.

     Yes, we wear the uniforms and carry the firearms, but we are not reenactors! We compete in live fire competitions (no, we don't shoot at each other, but side-by-side) using the arms of the Civil War.

Smoothbore muskets, rifled muskets, breech- and muzzle loading carbines, Henry rifles, revolvers, mortars, and cannons all have their own events. Clay pigeons, hanging 4" (50 yards) and 6"tiles (100 yards), little bitty tiles and cut-the-stake are just some of the challenging targets we shoot in team competition. There are bb gun events for the young'uns, individual matches to test your skill, dances, music, and a museum to explore. Like Friendship, twice a year, we hold National matches, attended by thousands of shooters from all over the country, and throughout the year, many matches are hosted by various teams. One of the best is our annual Cockade event. 

     I am a member of the Cockade Rifles, modeled after the original home militia from Petersburg, VA. We have a lot of fun, as can be indicated by our nickname (see photo caption below.) Seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we've got some really fine shooters, and take home our share of medals. It's lively and full of action, and we're all friends, North and South.

The Cockade Rifles, "A drinking team with a shooting problem...!" That's me

on the left, with the Guinness. As you can see, we wear typical Rebel uniforms-the Yankees like to dress a little more formally, just like way back when... 

Bringin' home the gold! Last Nationals, all three of our revolver teams medaled,

Here's one of them. Congrats, Craig, Jack, Eric, and Paul!


The Cockades know how to stay cool on a hot day, hydrating both exterior and interior!

Renowned stake pounder Katie S. and her team show how it's done, with their brass cohorn mortar! The brass ones ring like a bell when they're fired.


Cannon fire! Artillery contests are fun!

Cockade revolver team on the skirmish line. You can see the pigeon boards and hanging tiles down range. Most events are 90 second timed events-break as many as you can, and hopefully all of 'em!


Paul & Charlie clowning around, with their "sunbonnet for Siamese twins."

Don't ask, you really don't want to know!

 Our venerable elders, Fletcher, Albert, Jerry, and Charlie. Fletcher is a hot shot (note the picture above right,) Albert is the photo-shootin' historian, Jerry shoots and cooks us good meals, and Charlie, well, goddam, Charlie! (Old joke...) Charlie's got more stories than Aesop has fables. 

      I regret to report that Charlie has recently left us to hunt turkey in Elysian Fields.

I heard last night, May 26, Memorial Day, appropriately enough. One-of-a-kind original,

friend, brother; God Bless, Charlie! We are missing you already.


Cockades cornholing!!?? Now I remember when that meant something else....

Fletcher makes a toss while Craig waits his turn. I'm there observing to make sure nobody reverts to the old definition.

Ready, aim..... Musket  A team at the Nationals, Fall, 2013.

Here's B Musketeers hard at work bustin' pigeons.

Nice Buffalo coat!Beaded mocs, Sod House Museum, NebraskaThe soddyChimney Rock, Nebraska, along the Oregon TrailEagle feather headdress, Chimney Rock MuseumBob's camp by the Wind river, day oneEvening falls over the riverSigns around the camp tell about the original rendezvousers thereThe river; can't get enough of it!JP Morgan, in front of our lodgeAs good as it getsThe boys, Mike and JPMike "Neveready" Iacono, Proud owner with his new rifleMike fires his first shot with the new rifle, and knocked the eye out of the turkey target!Hot shot, Dot adds to the challengeWaiting their turns in the shadeThere were some good shooters takin' turnsWanna cracker?JP, as usual, nails the mark!Ahh, the wonderful river! Bob cools offView from camp can't be beat!The young'uns were here in abundance, & had a great time, too!JP takes aim...and kerPLOW!Just horsin' aroundThe tribes put on a powow Friday eveFancy dancerJingle DancersGraceful ladiesOuthouse Charlie and Willow, on the right, join in the friendship danceFriendsThree Dog, our nearest neighbor, told us about the history. The sun sets over another great dayAnd the moon rises over the riverJP tunes upThree Dog shows Kevin and George his buffalo hide bull boatMike and JP cool off. That's our camp behind themKevin pays our camp a visitGathering at the councilMike gets his mountain man name; "Neveready"Jake Korell, 93 years, still trappin' and still goin' strongJake and Three Dog, sharin' a beer and a storyHe Who, center, shows Mike and JP where they camped back in 1838After a fine week, we sadly break campRed rock of WyomingFollowing the trailA nice collection of 'hawksNice buckskins!

Bob Worthington, owner and operator of Grey Haven Arms, has over 40 years experience as a professional boatbuilder, gunsmith, and teacher.  He has held a U.S.C.G. licensed Master's Certificate, with sailing endorsement, and has worked as a charter skipper, sea school captain, marine surveyor, and draftsman for an internationally acclaimed yacht designer. Since retiring from his work in special education, he has given his attention full-time to creating fine "historical art." He is a member of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, the Contemporary Longrifle Association, Bull Run Muzzle Loaders, the Washington State Muzzle Loader's Association, the Virginia State Shooter's association, the National Rifle Association, the 1838 Rendezvous Association, the North-South Skirmish Association, the Isaak Walton League, the Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club, and the Nature Conservancy.


Underhammer Addicts, Take Note!

     There is a society for those of us who can't get enough of these critters. The Underhammer Society, at is the creation of Roger Renner, and is a wonderful compendium of the many variations of the theme. A truly fine artist and innovative craftsman himself, Roger showcases some really excellent work from many builders. He's even got me in there. Check it out!

DragonFire! Scylla, DragonRifle, is done! See her on the "Guns" page.

Bess is done! See her story on "Restocking the Brown Bess" page.

A new version of the Underhammer Pistol!

Steve M., champion target shooter from Michigan, requested a pistol with a modern style rear sight and a custom grip, and this is what we came up with! See more on the "Guns" page.

JP's Flintlock Pistol

A contemporary/traditional interpretation, not to be seen anywhere else! See more on the "Guns" page.....

The Pocket Rifle

She's done, and she's a Gem!

See more on the "Guns" page....

JP's Spiral Horn-"Dreadnaught."

      A nautical style, with turk's heads & brass & captain's buttons, and that wonderful spiral!  See more horns on "Accoutrements" page.

A Variety of pistols!

       In 2011, "Team Grey Haven" turned in a fine performance at the Whidbey Island Rendezvous. In pistol, we took 1st and 2nd, and a few other places. These are the guns....

And this is Team Grey Haven.....

From left, Bob, JP, Ethan, Alyx, Jeff, Mike, and Sue

I should mention that we also took 2nd & 3rd in Rifle, and 1-2-3 in Archery! In 'Hawk & Knife, JP earned us a 1st, and Alyx, her first time out, took 3rd in Women's "Hawk & Knife! 


A Pistol for my Sister, Robin; Happy Birthday, Sis!

     A very special underhammer pistol for a very special person! (below) See more of it on the "Guns" page.


 Special Boxed Underhammer pistol,

Deluxe boxed pistol, 10" .32 cal. made for Dean T. of Ontario. The box is Koa and Maple, just like the pistol grip. Box, accoutrements, and pistol are $2000.

   Says Dean of his new pistol, "I finally got the little pistol out to the range....I shot at 25 yards, and all the targets were in the mid to high ninetys. I was very pleased with its performance!'

   "It also passed through the hands of many enthusiasts, old timers and gun builders, who all were highly praising your workmanship. All were very impressed, and a might jealous, methinks!"

   Thank you for your kind endorsement, Dean!



Friendship, Indeed! A visit to the 2010 Fall NMLRA National Matches at Friendship, Indiana.

Bob's comfortable camp at Friendship


     I spent 12 gorgeous days camped in the primitive area at the NMLRA range last fall. Perfect weather, all kinds of fun ways to shoot all kinds of muzzle loaders, 'hawk & knife, archery, music, traders, and great people sharing it all made for a fine time!

This young feller has the right stuff! Look at that follow-through!


I had the honor of displaying some of my stuff in Gunmaker's Hall


     Music came from several sources, around camp and around town, day and night. I added a little myself, whenever there was a pause in playing elsewhere. From bagpipes to rock 'n roll, we had it all.



Tom B. shot his new schuetzen rifle, and I was there to cheer him on. He also shot chunk gun, a match I'd never seen before. Lots of matches I'd never seen before....

                                                                                                            Tom shootin' schuetzen (below)

I only shot the woodswalk, as I was not up to snuff, healthwise, but did all right for myself. I didn't know you could use both hands in the pistol walk, but next time I will! Eric Bye, editor of "Muzzle Blasts" magazine, also shoots an underhammer pistol, and took first place. Congratulations, Eric!


Tony S., from my home club, Bull Run Muzzle Loaders, took more than one gold medal shootin' benchrest. Way to go, Tony! (Below)

A busy day on the firing line. All loading is done at the bench, and primed or capped at the firing line.

Central Virginia Regional, April, 2013

     The Cockade Rifles kicked some butt at the CV Regional Matches at Fort Shenandoah last weekend, taking home medals in most events.

     Our awards included:

A Revolver, 3rd place, along with the Regional title.

B Revolver, 1st

C Revolver, 1st

A Smoothbore, 1st place, along with the Regional title.

C Carbine, 1st

B Repeater, 1st

C Repeater, 1st

Below, Eric, Jack, and Chris receive the award for Best Regional Smoothbore Team, and below that, Paul, I (yes, me!), and Fletcher get Best Regional Revolver Team.

"Hey, Paul, yer gonna get a neck ache with all that hardware hangin' around yer neck!"

Our most recent team photo from the Fall 2013 Nationals.

"Will this guy ever stop talking? Let's get on with the match!" Cockades in formation at the opening ceremonies before the musket match.

This old kid. In the background, you can see C team pluggin' away!

Sergeants at Arrrrrrms! Tonto and Paul. Tough guys with tiny pistols! Size isn't everything..


 Items for Sale:

     This column will grow as time goes by and all items are cataloged. Note: Underhammer pistol prices have gone up, due to my increased costs. The standard model, or "Rendezvous Model" is now $1300. The "Target Model" with adjustable sight and trigger is $1500.



1. Lehigh style fowler, fancy, 20 gauge 42" octagon to round barrel, curly maple stock, Davis flintlock, right hand.  See "Building a Fowler" page. $6500.  

2. Underhammer pistol, percussion, your choice of barrel length and caliber, fixed or adjustable rear sight and trigger, maple and koa grip, with inlays. Base price; $1500.

3. 11 Gauge double barreled shotgun, percussion, circa 1850, by Henry Elwell of Birmingham, England. These guns were imported by the south during the Civil War, and were particularly prized by the artillery crews as battery defense; a mini-cannon, so to speak. Has some bunged up screws. $600.

4. Damascus bladed knives. 10" blade with Curly Maple handle, brass hilt and pommel, with buffalo hide sheath, $380.
8" blade with antler handle, brass hilt, and buffalo hide sheath, $350. See more photos on "Knives" page. 8" Knife Sold!,  but another is available!

1838 Rendezvous!
Check out my article on this trip in the January 2012 issue of Muzzle Blasts.                
   Bob traveled to Montana
the summer of 2007 to meet with his old friends, JP Morgan and Mike Iacono, at the original site of at least two rendezvous in the 1830's, located on the Wind River, in Riverton, Wyoming. They had a grand time, meetin' new folks and findin' old and new friends, shootin', tossin', makin' music and tellin' tall tales. Mike received his new half-stock rifle featured on our
"Guns" page, and shot dead on right from the first shot. All three turned in a good performance in some pretty tough competition, and had a literal blast while at it.  
  We met Jake Korell, a local legend, sharp as a tack and still trappin' at 93 years of age. Jake cooked up a cougar for the camp's dinner one night, and that was absolutely delicious! He had help from our old Washington friend, Outhouse Charley, who surprised us by bein' there with his lady, Willow. The Arapaho and Shoshone tribes share a reservation there, and put on a powwow for the camp on Friday eve. A fine time was had by all, as we walked in the moccasin tracks of Jim Bridger, Joe Walker, Ben Bonneville, Joe Meek, Kit Carson, and so many others! Their spirits still inhabit that special place.                  
A dedicated group of folks, the 1838 Rendezvous Association, joined hands to save this last remaining historic rendezvous site from becoming a gravel pit, and have done a wonderful job of preserving it for all our posterity. Make a point to check out their website,, and help them help us all! Many thanks to Dave "Three Dog" Moss, booshway Tony "Big Hawk" Larvie, "He Who", Jake Korell, and so many other fine folks whose names my poor brain can't remember. See ya down the good red road!      

          Jake Korell and Three Dog swappin' stories at the tavern, Right.

Note: I am sorry to report that on March 6, 2013, Jake Korell passed on to the
Great Rendezvous in the Sky, at age 98, in Riverton, Wyoming. He pursued his
trade right up to the day he died. We will always remember you, old friend.



                                                                                                                          JP throws another perfect 'hawk!                                                                        

                             Our camp.

Grey Haven   Arms

PO Box 105

Greenbank, WA 98253

Three Dog shows his bull boat, covered with a bison hide.

                                      Mike shoots his new rifle! (right)
  My good friend, Brant Page has embarked on a new enterprise, with
recycled wood products. They do some really great stuff with reclaimed wood,  Help save the Earth!
Recycle!  George has a very nice web site with a very nice selection
 muzzle loading arms for the European market, including mine!
     He is my representative there, so if you are there, George will
     take good care of you.
   The Underhammer Society.
     Roger Renner's wonderful showcase of many fine underhammer guns. Ted Brewer Yacht Design.
     Ted designs beautiful, practical boats, of all types, sizes, price ranges, and materials.
     I have built and sailed on his creations, and he's as good
     as they get. If you're thinking of building a boat, check him out. Are you interested in model trains and    
     historically accurate scale miniature buildings for layouts? Ted's
     plans for these are as real and buildable as his boats. National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.
     The official site. If you aren't a member already, join! Muzzle Loader Builder's Supply.
      Now under new ownership, and still a great company to do business with.
      They carry some parts others don't, and their response and delivery
      time is quick. Dunlap Woodcrafts.
      Dunlap sells wood. From gunstock blanks to musical instrument material,
      and anything else you might desire, they have it. These folks have a
      passion for their product and a reverence for their resource.
      Located in Cornet Bay on the north end of Whidbey Island, WA,
      Marine Services is the one to call when you need help on the waters of
      Puget Sound. Their name says it all; anything you need, they can do.
      See them on "Diamond Divers," on Spike TV! The 1838 Rendezvous Association.
      Dedicated to preserving the original site of the 1830 and 1838 rendezvous,
      this is an organization well worth supporting.
 www.OVPR.ORG  The Olde Virginia Primitive Riflemen. These folks put on a really
      fun rendesvous twice a year near Surry, across the river from Jamestown. "Between The Lines" is a documentary film about surfers
during the Viet Nam War. It follows the lives of two surfers, one who volunteered,
and one who believed it was wrong. As an old surfer, and contributor to this story, I heartily
recommend this timely film, for all it has to offer. These dedicated folks have donated proceeds
to veteran's organizations, and worked to heal the wounds.  North-South Skirmish Association. "The most fun you can have with your pants on!"
Quote from a teammate whose name I will not mention... If you like shooting at things that break
with a bunch of different guns, are into Civil War history, and just like to have fun,
this is the organization for you!